Why Do Dogs Hate Getting Baths

Whatever reason your pup has for fearing the bath, you can alleviate those fears and make bath time fun time — or at least something he tolerates. Positive reinforcement is the tool of choice. Slowly introduce him to the bath, give him a treat when he responds positively and keep upping the ante until he doesn’t appear terrified of the bath anymore. For example, just playing with him near the tub, feeding him a treat when he nears it and slowly getting closer to it every day will make him think the tub means something good always happens. When you do bathe him, appear calm and gentle instead of assertive and controlling; make sure you don’t get shampoo in his eyes or mouth; be sure the water is warm but not hot; and don’t bathe him outside when it’s a bit brisk. Never spray him in the face with water; use a wet cloth to wipe him down instead.

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