When Your Car Brakes Fail

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Published on March 18, 2015

It’s a driver’s worse case scenario. You’re driving along on the Interstate on your daily commute to work. As you’re driving, you find that you need to either tap or hit the brakes for some reason, whether it’s traffic in front of you slowing down, an emergency situation with another vehicle, or yielding to road construction. You hit the brake pedal… but nothing happens.

It’s quite likely that if you take good care of your brakes that you won’t experience your brakes going out on you. Prevent brake failure by taking your car in for routine check-ups, including brake system inspections. These inspections can uncover all sorts of problems that you might not be aware of in the first place. Also, listen very closely to your car. You know it better than anyone else; if it sounds off, don’t hesitate to take it in to your mechanic to get a checkup.

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