Tips in Making Rocking Chair using Cherry Tree

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Home Woodworking Technique Woodworking Tips Tips in Making Rocking Chair using Cherry Tree
Published on March 16, 2015

Making rocking chair from cherry three is one of the best choices. The wood is moderately dense, moderately hard, and moderately strong.  The texture is very fine; the grain is closed.  Cherry is very stable in use.  The grain is occasionally wavy or curly, but usually straight. Their straight grain make for easy matching into pleasing displays of figure.  The heartwood is reddish brown, somewhat light when fresh, but shortly becoming richer and darker in reaction to ambient light.  The sapwood is a slightly yellow cream color.  We sometimes match symmetrical splashes of sapwood into our compositions.  Cherry often has random dark streaks and flecks, caused by pockets and deposits of pitch and minerals.

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