Tips For Start & Stop Smoothly

An important skill for all of us is learn how to drive a car is starting and stopping smoothly.  Sudden starts or stops can be dangerous.  You may loose control of your car or other vehicles may hit you.  Learning how to drive  a car is also learning how to interact with other cars so you don’t hit them and they don’t hit you.  Sudden acceleration may hit the car in front of you.  Sudden stops may cause the car behind to crash into you.  Driving a car involves many starts and stops and you need to practice doing them properly.

Most people rarely use their parking brake.  They reserve it for when they’re parked on steep inclines or need extra stopping power.  However, it’s still a good idea to check that the brake isn’t on before you try to move the car – especially if you weren’t the last one who drove it. Cheers…


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