Tips for Maintaining Curly Hair for Men

Generally, curly hair needs often and special treatments.  If it is treated properly, it will look so good. To make it happen, you should maintain your curly hair by eating full of nutrition food. The nutrient will slightly change the texture and the quality of your hair that will directly affecting the curl. To fight frizz, retain shine and fortified your natural curl, make sure you add your diet vitamin B8 and omega 3 acid. Consuming fish and eggs will also be good for you.

To retain moisture, you can wash your hair once every two and three days with cream shampoo and conditioner, and add some hair care product such pomade or hair style gel to make your hair neater. In addition, you can use incorporate serum to combat frizz and protect your hair color. And as the final step, leave your curl alone after caring your hair. The  more you play with your hair the more it’s likely to become more frizz. Let the product do its job.


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