Tips For Installing Stone Veneer

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Home Design Interior Tips For Installing Stone Veneer
Published on March 16, 2015

Stone veneer can transform an interior wall into a focal point. Depending on your preference, you may opt for a stone wainscot at the lower portion of a wall or cover the entire wall with veneer. Manufactured stone veneer is lighter than natural stone and is installed on a layer of cement board with adhesive.

Pieces of the veneer are cut to fit at corners and the ceiling using a wet tile saw. When it’s your first time working with stone veneer and grout, enlist the assistance of an experienced mason or remodel contractor.

When applying some stones, you may need to cut the stone so that it will fit properly, but also to get a staggered look on the wall. To cut, use a wet saw or an angle grinder. Be sure to use a dust mask. Once all the stone is set, use mortar to fill the gaps that need to become flush with the stones.

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