The Easiest Way To Choosing Color – Painting Wall

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Home Design Interior The Easiest Way To Choosing Color – Painting Wall
Published on March 16, 2015

Tinting your own paint is as simple as pouring colors in and mixing with your paint mixer drill attachment — but getting the perfect shade takes extra work. Knowledge of the color spectrum and how colors are created is helpful. Use a color wheel, like the basic version pictured here, while mixing paint as well as planning the overall design scheme.

If possible, set aside a good portion of your base neutral hue to aid in any troubleshooting. With that in mind, be sure to mix plenty of new paint so that you have enough to complete the job and a little left over for touch-ups later on.

You can use paint tints to change the hue, but blending together multiple house paints from a similar base — oil versus latex, flat versus satin — to achieve a new shade is a good way to get a paint color you like and get rid of some of that extra paint you have lying around.


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