Tea Detox

If you’re feeling a bit sluggish, run-down and guilty that your diet is less than stellar, you may feel it’s time for a detox. If you don’t have time for a traditional juice detox, you might consider trying a tea detox. These types of teas contain a variety of different herbs aimed at cleansing your […]

Weight Loss Solutions

Struggling with weight loss? Tired of trying the latest fad diets with no success? If extra weight is robbing you of energy and causing poor quality of life, then the Progressive Medical Center approach to weight loss can help you, where other methods have failed.

The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss

As a culture obsessed with weight loss, we all know the latest fads that claim to help us drop pounds instantly. What often isn’t discussed is the science behind the issue and how learning to deal with stress can promote and accelerate weight loss. Not only does stress create an overabundance of cortisol that is […]

Top 5 Weight Loss Tips

While knowing your body mass index (BMI) is a good way to decide if you’re overweight, it doesn’t tell the whole story.¬†BMI is a measure of how healthy your weight is for your height. You can work out what your BMI is by using our BMI healthy weight calculator. If you have a high BMI, […]