What to Wear When You Ride – and Why

Although a T-shirt or a tank top may seem like a good idea on very hot day, they will offer no protection in the event the rider is unexpectedly separated from his/ her motorcycle (fall). It may look cool but in actuality a rider wearing a T-shirt runs the risk of becoming dehydrated or sunburned, […]

Your Road Bike Handlebar Guide

The correct handlebar will put your hands in a position to support your upper body without putting strain on your neck and shoulders, and help balance your weight between the front and back wheels for proper handling. New shapes, like compact bends, offer improved ergonomics and control. Many trend watchers point to the advent of […]

Choosing The Right Motor Bike Luggage

There are many types of motorcycle luggage available, each with pros and cons, so finding the one that suits you will ensure you remain comfortable on your bike and can take everything you need on your motorcycle tour. You have a basic choice between soft and hard luggage, then many more variations within each category. […]