The Best Way To Clean Car Windows Without Leaving Streaks

This new technology is revolutionizing the detailing world. Whether you choose the “Original Microfiber Miracle Towel”, Microfiber Glass Cleaning Cloth, Waffle Weave Microfiber Towel, microfiber pad, microfiber mitt or microfiber glove…you will find the job gets done quickly, with less effort, and with spectacular results! Microfiber is a man-made material that combines two fibers, polyester […]

How to Prevent to Car Paint

In the midst of another harsh Canadian winter, drivers should consider protecting their vehicles to endure the copious amounts of road salt that’s spread on our roads. Ice melter is a necessary evil – for safe driving and staying sure-footed on sidewalks and driveways. This guide will help you prepare your vehicle and driveway to […]

Car Care Detailing Guide

Many people assume that polishing and waxing are the same. But, the two are different processes. Properly cleaning and polishing makes a world of difference to the outcome and gloss duration of the paint. Waxing over surfaces that need polishing or compounding will only create a temporary gloss. Polishing actually deep cleans the paint by […]

Choosing the Right Engine Oil

Novice do-it-yourselfers are regularly overwhelmed by auto parts store shelves stocked to the ceiling with a rainbow of colored engine oil bottles. Even experienced folks can be confused by boastful but carefully hedged claims, newfangled certifications and confusing specifications. Also called motor oil, engine oil is one of the most complex, extensively tested and continuously […]

Easy Tips For Car Washing

Weekly washing is best because some contaminants quickly do serious long term damage to paint if they are allowed to remain. Two such organic compounds are bug remains and bird droppings. These bio-hazards contain complex proteins that bond to the surface and organic acids that penetrate and break down the surface, eating into your clear […]

How Should I Get It Ready To Run Again?

Getting a car ready to run after a five-year sleep is problematic and time-consuming, start by siphoning the gasoline out of the tank, and if possible, even from the fuel line. Pull the carburetor and rebuild it with fresh parts and gaskets. Change the fuel filter and check the rubber fuel lines. Add fresh gasoline […]

When Your Car Brakes Fail

It’s a driver’s worse case scenario. You’re driving along on the Interstate on your daily commute to work. As you’re driving, you find that you need to either tap or hit the brakes for some reason, whether it’s traffic in front of you slowing down, an emergency situation with another vehicle, or yielding to road […]

Cold-Weather Car Starting Tips

When starting a car in cold weather, let the engine run for two to five minutes before putting the vehicle in gear to get the engine properly lubed with oil. Allow a car to warm up before driving in cold weather with safety tips from a driving instructor in this free video on driving lessons. […]

Techniques Needed In Aluminum Repairs

Like it or not, aluminum is here. Aluminum use in vehicle production has steadily increased during the last several years. Aluminum is quite frequently being used for exterior body panels and is making its way into the structural role of vehicles. Aluminum serves many purposes in vehicle manufacturing. The two primary reasons vehicle makers use […]

Fuel Injection Tips

Fuel injector service is a must to preserve the performance of your vehicle. Fuel injectors are located in the intake manifold and spray fuel through a tiny nozzle. The fuel injector uses a special nozzle to spray the fuel as mist, instead of a strong jet stream. Just think of the nozzle on the hose […]