Shoe Molding Is Easy – Tips From The Expert

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Home Design Interior Shoe Molding Is Easy – Tips From The Expert
Published on March 16, 2015

A shoe molding is much important than most of us think. All of us take extra pride in our house. We want our house to look the best and be a reflection of our overall personality. A lot goes into making a perfect house. There are small things that add the perfect touch to your house. More than often, there is a gap left between the walls and the floorboards. This gap looks hideous and attracts dirt.

In short, your otherwise expensive flooring gets marred thanks to this gap. This gap can be well concealed with the help of shoe molding. Shoe Molding ensures that all gaps between the wall and the floor panels are camouflaged. Moreover, these base or shoe moldings also protect the flooring and baseboard from being damaged while vacuuming. The best part about these shoe moldings are, that one can do them by themselves.

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