Set of Tools for the Woodworking Beginner

There are lots of different opinions out there as to what you actually need to do woodworking. Truth is, you don’t need much. Think about our ancestors and what they were able to accomplish using only the most rudimentary tools. But in the 21st century, we aren’t building for our survival and most of us have family and day jobs that come before woodworking, so we use modern tools to help us build projects faster and with fewer headaches. Below you’ll find my recommendations for tools that are well-suited to the early stages of woodworking. You might notice the big stationary power tools are conspicuously missing and that’s intentional. As you are just getting your feet wet, I think it’s important to avoid spending too much money since you probably aren’t sure this is going to be a lifelong hobby. So why drop a huge amount of cash? Also, the tools recommended here will still be useful to you even if/when you decide to upgrade to larger (and usually expensive) stationary tools.

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