New Design Rules for For Your New Home

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Home Design Interior New Design Rules for For Your New Home
Published on March 11, 2015

The popularity of Interior Design is due a comeback. For too long during the property boom we have been told to decorate in neutral colors in the hope of a bigger profit on the resale. Now we’re looking to stay put a little longer it’s time to make our houses a home again.

Doing your own interior design can be one of the most exciting aspects of moving into your new home. But with so many looks to choose from you could easily be heading for a design dilemma. Whichever trend you choose, you can be sure it will transform your interiors with a bold and distinctive look.

Take time to browse pattern books and home interiors magazines for ideas. But remember to always add your own unique touches. For more info, please see this video. Lots of interesting tips about how to design your new home, you can find it here. Cheers…

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