Motorcycle Safety Gear: Safety Trumps Style

Many riders would say that a helmet is the most important piece of safety gear. A good helmet starts by insuring significant impact and accident protection and also helps you hear and see better when you’re riding.

When you’re riding, your feet keep you balanced at stoplights and take a beating from the elements when you’re moving. That’s why regular tennis shoes or cowboy boots aren’t smart options. To stay comfortable—and safe—as you’re riding, consider a pair of high-quality motorcycle boots.

Even if you’re just making a quick run to the store, don’t take a shortcut with your protective gear. Jeans and a windbreaker won’t be enough if you’re sliding across the pavement. Heavy leather riding gear may seem like overkill—and sure, it’s miserable on the hottest days—but it can help prevent road rash, broken bones, or worse.

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