How to Use a Smoothing Plane

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Home Woodworking Technique Woodworking Basics How to Use a Smoothing Plane
Published on March 16, 2015

The smoothing planes, the jointer, the jack plane, these have a few more parts and pieces in them, and it’s useful to look at these, too, just to understand how they work. The one extra piece that these have is a chip breaker on top. That’s an extra piece of metal that sits on top of the blade. The blade’s on the bottom here. Chip breaker’s on top. The purpose of that piece is twofold. It’s to hold the blade in a more rigid way in the plane, because it’s a longer blade and it keeps the blade from chattering. The other purpose of this is to prevent tear-out. When this is running along the wood the blade’s cutting the wood, and there’s a tendency for the wood to tear out. This part of the assembly here prevents that from happening.


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