How to Determine Quality in Men’s Clothing

The essential purpose of fabric is to cover our bodies – move with our bodies – like a second skin. In order to achieve that end, fabric must be supple, not stiff like cardboard. The technology of fabrics is a huge comprehensive business in chemistry, engineering and design, with thousands of varieties, but in terms of quality I want to go all the way back to fabric’s beginning – the yarn. It is in the yarn stage that the ‘men are separated from the boys’. It is in the yarn where the quality is determined.

The finest wool garments use virgin wool because they are the first used from the fleece shorn from the sheep, and not made from recycled wool which is typically shorter in length. The longer the fiber, the more supple the fabric and the better that fabric feels on our bodies.

Design is the determining factor for making a garment purchase. It’s the emotional element in this whole process of determining quality. When choosing between two garments, the one with your favorite design wins out. But let’s step back for a moment and think of design as a technical element.

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