How Should I Get It Ready To Run Again?

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Published on March 18, 2015

Getting a car ready to run after a five-year sleep is problematic and time-consuming, start by siphoning the gasoline out of the tank, and if possible, even from the fuel line. Pull the carburetor and rebuild it with fresh parts and gaskets. Change the fuel filter and check the rubber fuel lines. Add fresh gasoline to the tank. Remove and replace the battery.

Change the oil and oil filter and check the other fluids, especially if you notice oil drips under certain portions of the car such as the rear axle, power steering pump, transmission, etc. Once the car starts and warms up, check the automatic transmission fluid levels before driving. Also, take a “sniff” of the transmission dipstick – shut down the car and go for transmission oil and filter change if you smell “burning” on the red transmission fluid.

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