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One thing to be aware of when seeing custom fitters which are part of shops is that they want you to buy clubs.  And so they should.  Especially when they are doing the fitting for free like this one.  They are putting in big money and have their time, skills and machinery to pay for.  They know there stuff so listen to them. The fact that in minutes they can have you visually hitting the ball better and further speaks for itself.

However, a couple of things to watch if you book a session is to ensure you remove all of your bad strikes, or leave them all in for all clubs. Have a good warm up and hit the same amount of balls. Or hit 10 with each club / shaft type and pick the best 5.  Then ensure you have all your questions answered.  If you really want to not feel like you are being sold to, just book it with a pro and fit yourself out from there.

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