Golf Tips & How to Hit a Draw With a Driver

Many golfers strive to hit a draw shot with the driver. For a right-handed player, this means the ball curves moderately from right to left. The draw is the preferred shot off the tee, because it adds distance to your drives. Learning to hit a controlled draw off the tee also helps you have a better chance of hitting the fairway on right-to-left dogleg holes.

If you look down at your hands when you grip the club, you will notice the index finger and thumb of each hand have formed a rough “V” shape. Turn the Vs a bit to the right and you have what instructors call a strong grip. This grip makes it easier for you to curve the ball from right to left. Experiment with just how far you want to turn your hands to create the gentle draw you are looking for and not cause a “snap hook” that goes too far left of target.

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