Furniture Repair Tips

People who own leather furniture often need cleaning tips to ensure they keep their items conditioned properly. This material is particularly sensitive to stains and damage, so it needs regular attention to stay in excellent condition. It’s helpful to remember that the material should be cared for like it was skin, even though it has been removed from its host and re purposed. Because of this, removing dirt, while necessary, is not enough to keep the furniture from deteriorating.

Sending an upholstered couch or chair to be recovered when the fabric gets torn can sometimes cost as much as buying a new piece of furniture. Fortunately, many upholstery tears occur along the weave of the fabric, creating a triangular flap that can be easily repaired. You can save money and extend the life of your piece of furniture by patching the tear with glue and another piece of heavy fabric (such as canvas, denim or muslin).

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