Easy Bathroom Makeover

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Published on March 17, 2015

If you’re ready for a new bathroom but a major renovation doesn’t fit your budget, see this video. These simple tips for an easy makeover. New paint will transform the look of any room. When it comes to bathrooms, use a semigloss. It’s simple to clean and stands up well in high-moisture areas.

When you’re painting with a brush, use smooth, even strokes and finish back into the area you just painted. When rolling, load the roller evenly with paint and make a “W” pattern on the wall. And just like using a brush, finish back into the area you just painted. Take your time to avoid splatter.

Storage can be a big issue for tiny bathrooms. Cabinets can help keep all your bath necessities tidy and tucked away. Tall, skinny cabinets, over-the-toilet storage cabinets, and floating shelves work great in a bath with limited space. And for more storage under the sink, attach a cabinet organizer inside the vanity door with just a couple of screws.

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