Definition of a Bladed Golf Club

Bladed golf clubs are irons, which have a long history. When hard rubber golf balls, known as Gutta-percha balls, were introduced in the mid-19th century, irons with metal clubfaces — usually forged by blacksmiths — came into use. They were known as forged irons, or as blades, because the sleek slabs of metal resembled a knife blade.

Blades have a very small sweet spot, so a golfer must be sufficiently skilled to use them effectively. If you miss the sweet spot, you can expect shots that slice or hook and travel shorter distance.

Ordinary golfers should steer clear of blades and player’s clubs and opt for game-improvement or super-game improvement irons. For a golfer who’s approaching excellence, however, using an old fashioned set of blades on the driving range can be a great teaching tool.

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