Cold-Weather Car Starting Tips

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Published on March 18, 2015

When starting a car in cold weather, let the engine run for two to five minutes before putting the vehicle in gear to get the engine properly lubed with oil. Allow a car to warm up before driving in cold weather with safety tips from a driving instructor in this free video on driving lessons.

Cold is a stopper. In some pans of the country, the harshest day of the year is practically a traditional holiday-one that’s most widely observed by cars. The drivers, unfortunately, still bundle up to give ‘er a try. Not until the grinding moan of the starter has faded to a series of pathetic clicks will we admit that no creature with ordinary sense (a car, for example) would go out on a day like this for any reason other than to fetch more firewood.

Cold weather makes the engine hard to start for two main reasons. First, oil thickens when it’s cold, which increases friction and makes it harder for the staner motor to spin the engine.

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