Cleaning Your Car’s Interior

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Published on March 19, 2015

In many parts of the country, warmer weather is slowly arriving; a sure sign that spring will be here soon. With warmer temperatures comes the urge to go outside and work on projects, after spending several months stuck inside waiting for winter to pass.

Besides sweeping out the garage, putting in the screen doors and washing windows, one of the annual rites of spring for many people is cleaning out the car. After exposure to snow, grime and salt for months, you need to take time to give your vehicle a thorough cleaning inside and out.

The interior, in particular, can get dirty quickly not just from the elements but also from dirty shoes and clothes, spilt drinks or food, and a number of other causes. Over time, your car may begin to smell; the leather or vinyl may dry out and become brittle; stains become eyesores; and the color of the upholstery may fade. All of these problems will impact the resale value of your car or truck.

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