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7 Helpful Woodworking Tips

I used to love watching my father and his woodworking every Saturday. Oh, sure, I took after him in the Executive world, with the 9-5 corporate world career but the joy on his face when he was doing what he loved on the weekend, that was contagious! BTW – this is not my father, but […]

How to Finish Walnut for Great Color

It’s a simple reality that walnut used in woodworking projects has two troublesome traits. First, the natural dark color of walnut will fade over time due to UV light exposure. The process is slow, but it happens. Second, walnut lumber contains some pale sapwood, depending on your tastes, you either like it or not. However, […]

Removing Rust with Electrolysis

Ever get to an auction or flea market and stare lovingly, but in despair, at a hand plane that you’d love to own, but are going to pass on because it’s too rusty? There’s a solution for this problem. Electrolysis. It’s crazy cool, and easy to do. Here’s the overview; submerge the tool in a […]

Glue Removal Using a Scraper

Trying to remove glue from wood can clog your sand paper. Using a scraper is a great alternative to sandpaper to remove excess glue from glue-up projects. You’ll see how to use a scraper to remove excess glue from your woodworking projects.

How to Find the Exact Center Tips

When you are making woodworking project, you often have to find the center of the board. When you are dealing with it, you should find them by using your ruler by angling it to the exact number that easy to work with. You find the ½ or 1/3 of the board depending on the project […]

How to Mill Lumber Using a Jointer

Rough lumber isn’t just coarse to the touch; it’s also twisted, cupped and bowed to varying extents. These changes in shape are just what happen to wood as it dries after sawing. And if this isn’t enough, rough lumber also shows a surprising variation in width and thickness from board to board because sawmills aren’t […]

Tips for Buying Lumber at the Lumber Yard

Lumber yards can be a scary experience to the beginning woodworker.  Often the price lists are not published and if they are, calculating board feet on the fly then multiplying by the listed price is not something that the average Joe can do.  If you are not used to thinking in terms of board feet […]

Woodworking Tips: Top Coat Finishing

If you’re going to spend hours building a woodworking project, it makes sense that you would want the finish to be able to show off your handiwork and protect it for years to come. The difference between a good woodworking project and a great one is often the quality of the wood finish. It is […]