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How to Make a Wooden Laptop Stand

If you want to build a sturdy, yet cheap, laptop stand that holds your laptop up off your desk and makes it easier to see and type on, a cardboard or wooden laptop stand is easy to build yourself. With just a few materials, a bit of time and some creativity, you can have a […]

Make a wood picture easel using hand tools

There are all types and sizes of easels that can be used for pictures. They all have a fundamental design to them often referred to as tripod legs, which is a sturdy structure to support the display. Your own design can be incorporated to your easel for the purpose that best suits you.

How to Make Desk Cable Tidy

Have you ever felt that your wires on your desk annoy you? Well, the problem can be solved now. By using cable tidy, wires on your desk can be slightly concealed. You’ll see the steps on making the cable tidy. You’ll meet no difficulties because in the process of work, it only requires hand tools. […]

Woodturning Projects : Apple Box

No matter what brand, good wood turning tools share fundamental qualities. Tools forged from heavy tool steel cut with less vibration or overheating. Since resharpening is a constant task in wood turning, blades should be long enough to provide enough steel stock for years of service. Handles large enough to grip and long enough for […]

Build a Wood Planter Box

Even if you’re short on space, you can grow your own vegetables by constructing a wooden vegetable garden planter box. Building a 4-foot-by-4-foot square planter box gives you a variety of planting options ensuring that your plants and vegetables will always be within arm’s reach. Cedar and redwoods offer natural resistance to rot and insects. […]

How to Make Pallet wood hinged box project

The layout for this pallet trunk has been fitted in very clear and well defined dimensions to make it tempting and tantalizing in its trends. The rustic appearance makes it very splashy and knockout in wooden style. It will also work very well to be a blanket box at the end of the bedroom. Make […]

Make a Scroll Saw Ribbon Box

This little gift box is perfect for jewelry or other small gifts. The ribbon is cut from a laminated board as a single piece. Use nicely contrasting woods for that little extra pop. The pattern is pretty easy to cut just pay attention to the inside of the ribbon. Cut it last so you can […]

Woodworking Projects – How to Make a Jewelry Box

This project creates a challenge tend to bring out the best of the woodworkers’ skills. To build a jewelry box make of koa wood veneer is no different. A beginning woodworker may ask “Why not just use solid hardwood to make the jewelry box? However, this woodworker only had so much koa to make the […]

Kids’ woodworking project: candlestick

If you do even a little bit of woodworking and you have young children, there may come a time when their after-school group, cub scout or girl scout group will ask you to teach a short woodworking class. This can either be a great way to give kids a taste of woodworking, or will leave […]

Homemade Wooden Sunglasses

I have developed a design witch looks and works very well. The shape of the shades is similar to the oakley frogskins , infact it uses the same lenses. Naturally that is also the reason they look similar. I think I have spent more than 30 hours developing the final usable design. The same design […]