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Dandelion Root Tea for Weight Loss

Although many people regard dandelions as weeds, they’re often part of a detox program. The plant is full of vitamins A, B, C and D, as well as minerals such as iron, potassium and zinc. In food, dandelions are eaten in salads and its flowers are made into wine. You can enjoy dandelion leaves and […]

How to Make Weight Loss Green Tea

Maybe you’re enquiring; why is green tea so popular, and why in that location are so a lot people habituating it? First, folks apply it for its medicative and herbal business leader*. The Chinese discovered this product a long time ago, and since that time many people have been benefited from its healing properties.

How to Make Weight Loss Cinnamon Honey Tea

Have you tried honey and cinnamon for weight loss yet? While it’s no magic bullet for weight loss, it can be used in conjunction with a proper diet and exercise to accelerate the rate of weight lost, and help you get past food cravings more quickly. Honey alone has been shown to contain antioxidants and […]

Weight Loss Detox Tea Recipe

Detoxing with various beverages is a great way to help give your body the nutrients it’s really craving, and can give your digestive system a break from having to break down and digest food. The liver is the most important detoxifying organ in the body, so it only makes sense to drink fruits and vegetables […]

Tea Detox

If you’re feeling a bit sluggish, run-down and guilty that your diet is less than stellar, you may feel it’s time for a detox. If you don’t have time for a traditional juice detox, you might consider trying a tea detox. These types of teas contain a variety of different herbs aimed at cleansing your […]

Weight Loss Tea Preparation

The best way for you to lose weight healthfully is to eat a low-fat, nutrient-dense diet and to exercise regularly, says the Cleveland Clinic. A variety of commercially available teas claim to boost metabolism and help you drop pounds, but Columbia Health cautions that these beverages aren’t the key to weight loss and that, in […]

Weight Loss in Tea Recipes

If you are planning to lose weight without dieting, then check out this secret of how easy it is to lose weight without putting minimal efforts. So without further ado, the only thing that keeps you fit and help you lose weight in a simpler way is….green tea. Add green tea to your daily list […]

Delicious Smoothie Recipes

Smoothies are thick shake type drinks filled mainly with fruit or vegetables and other nutrient dense ingredients.  They make wonderful options for a meal or a snack when made with natural items.

Watermelon Weight Loss Smoothie

What could be better than a watermelon smoothie on a hot summer day? With some ice and a base made of milk, yogurt, or sherbet, and plenty of watermelon, you’re good to go. Watermelon is so low in both #calories and fat that you can’t go wrong with this one!