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Clothes Rules For travelling

Searching for travel clothes, it seems like most options send you into one of these three groups pretty quickly. Don’t fall into the trap!! Think a little bit and come up with some creative ways to express yourself but still keep the easily washable, wrinkle-free convenience that travel wear offers.

Travel Etiquette

Traveling abroad creates confusing situations out of activities that are everyday back home. Whether for vacation or business, your trip should be about enjoyment, not worrying about offending your hosts or under-tipping the wait staff. Follow these do’s and don’ts, take a deep breath, and relax. Let’s go see the world!

Malaysia Travel Rules – Dos and Don’ts

Malaysia’s population is both ethnically and culturally diverse. The three largest ethnic groups are Malays, Indians and Chinese, each with their own distinguishing social customs and religious practices. Malays account for more than half the population, and lead a calm life governed by the authority of elders and a strong sense of respect and manners.

France Travel Rules – Do’s and Don’ts

Travelling overseas requires knowledge and cultural insight of your traveling destinations. France is well known for its rich cultural heritage, the rules are different, and the culture of your own country will not translate well into French. For example, French has two different words for you: tu and vous. In English, the word you can […]

UK Travel Rules – Do’s and Don’ts

So you think the British are a nation of stiff upper-lipped tea drinkers who wear bowler hats and play cricket? Well, Britain and its people have changed radically over the years. But politeness still remains a prerequisite. Here are some guidelines on how to please and how not to offend when visiting “dear old Blighty”.

Japan Travel Rules – Do’s and Don’ts

The Japanese are a warm and welcoming people whose unique culture can be both frustrating and enlightening in its complexity and contradictions. It can take many years to get a good grasp of the Japanese language and psyche. Even then, some say it’s impossible for a non-Japanese to be fully embraced by this homogenous society […]

How to Prevent Weight Gain while Traveling

If the past behavior of vacationers is any indication of their behavior this coming vacation season — and it is — we are likely to see travelers packing more than T-shirts and souvenirs when they head home. They are likely to be carrying some extra pounds too. Many people actually expect to gain weight while […]

Harmful Things Flying Does To Your Body

Although it has become an everyday event in our new, technologically advanced world, flying is still an extremely new phenomenon for humans. For thousands of years, humans have dreamed of flying, and now it has finally become a reality. But even with today’s high-tech airplanes, there are still harmful effects to the human body that […]