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Preparing a Motorcycle for Long Distance Travel

Everything you have will need to be with you at all times, tied securely on the bike. The secret to any sort of indie journey is preparing well in advance to pack LIGHT. You’ll then need to try and reduce it even more. Lay everything on the floor – you’ll soon see you’ve got too […]

Equipment to take on a Motorcycle Trip

Carrying a basic motorcycle toolkit can help you avoid small problems turning into big ones. This is the suggested list of essential tools that you should carry at all times on your bike. Providing your motorcycle is relatively new and more importantly well maintained, and if it’s not an old clunker that’s on it’s last […]

Packing For a Long Motorcycle Trip

Get a comfortable, waterproof, motorcycle riding suit. Getting wet sucks. Being cold sucks. And if you take a long enough trip, you’ll most likely encounter situations where you’ll be both wet and cold. Not only does being wet and cold really suck, it’s also unsafe. It’s hard to concentrate on the road when you’re soaked […]

Motorcycle Adventure Travel Guide

It’s critically important that you are aware of any mechanical issues your bike might have before you start it, ESPECIALLY on a long distance, solo ride. So check your bike in the morning before you start it, check it when you wipe it down when you park it for the day, check it when you […]

How to Travel Long Distance Riding Motorcycle

If you’re the type of rider who’d rather be rolling down the road than hanging out in a cafe for hours on end, or stopping for a photo every ten minutes, you may have what it takes to be an endurance rider. This ride can be completed in 16-18 hours, but of course you can […]