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The Trailing Hand

Despite those labels, the trailing hand is the dominant hand for most people (if you play right-handed, your trailing, or bottom hand, will be your right hand). It is important that the trailing hand is positioned in the golfer’s grip to deliver a powerful blow at impact without overpowering the lead (or top) hand. The […]

The Chip Shot Set Up

Using your 9-iron, position the ball forward in your stance (inset). On the takeaway, keep your arm swing to a minimum, and hinge your wrists only slightly. On the forward swing, simply move your hands deliberately toward the target, delivering the clubhead into the ball on a level, shallow angle and keeping the clubhead low […]

Power Draws & Power Fades

Basically, the same rules apply whether you want to hit a draw or a fade—all you have to do is the opposite to produce the desired result. First notice how my clubface is aiming straight down the line at the target and how my body lines (feet, waist, shoulders) are aiming either slightly to the […]

Stop topping your 3-wood

Hitting a 3-wood off a tight fairway lie brings out the worst in a lot of golfers. Because the club doesn’t have much loft, they think they have to help the ball into the air. This mind-set causes them to hang back on their right side and swing up on the ball, even flipping their […]

Easy Way To Create Lag in Your Golf Swing

To start, you’ll need an impact bag. They can be purchased at most golf shops or you can purchase one on my website in the signature below. They’re incredibly helpful when working on new swing mechanics because it takes out the fear of making solid contact with the golf ball and allows you to focus […]

One-Piece Takeaway

The start of the backswing, called the takeaway, is critical to positioning the club properly on plane, and to enabling a full turn of the shoulders and hips. A number of things can go wrong in this small space. You can break or hinge the wrists too early, causing the clubface to open and ensuring […]

Easy Ways to Hit Longer Drives

Test your turn by placing a club across the back of your shoulders and holding it in place. Standing upright, simply rotate to your right (to the left if you’re left-handed) as far as you can comfortably go. Now assume your golf posture and try again. You’re no doubt aware that the clubhead should reach […]

How to Practice Like a Pro

Make yourself a practice station on the range. Always put shafts or other clubs on the ground to check that your stance line is square to your target line. Jim Flick, who coaches Tom Lehman and Jack Nicklaus, likes to have players put the alignment shaft along their heels, not their toes, because if you […]

Add More Power to Their Games

How can you develop more power in your golf swing? This is probably a question that every golfer wants answered. Many of us are willing to do whatever it takes to get that power into our drives, and I think we probably all have some ideas of where 300-yard drives come from. But I want […]

Easiest Golf Swing!

When you reach the impact area, most of your work is done. There is little you can do to change the club path now, unless you jerk your hands in an effort to get a little “extra” from the shot. Your key thought at contact is simply to square up the clubface and hit the […]