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How to Use an Electric Nail Grinder

Dogs that regularly walk on concrete grind their own nails down. However, other dogs may need human help to keep their nails trimmed. Lack of attention to this part of a dog’s anatomy and grooming can have detrimental effects on the comfort and well-being of the dog. Many dog owners are nervous about tackling this […]

Trimming Dog Nails with Dremel Tool

If your dog’s nails are getting long, unsightly, and make a typical clicking noise when walking on a hard surface, a nice nail trim is in order to allow your canine companion to walk comfortably. Not many dog owners are aware of the fact a Dremel tool — used by many handymen to sand, grind […]

How to Trim Your Dog’s Nails

Your dog’s nails should just touch the ground when she walks. If her nails are clicking on the floor or getting snagged in the carpet, it’s time for a pedicure. If you’ve never done it before this article will provide you with sufficient instructions.

How to Whiten Maltese Tear Stains |

In most cases, a dog’s tear stains are the visible result of the breakdown of red blood cells within his body. The process creates porphyrins, which contain iron. When exposed to oxygen, those molecules oxidize and appear on your dog’s facial fur as pink- to rust-colored stains. Tear stains appear more readily on light-colored dogs […]

How to Bathe Short Fur Dog

It’s easier to bathe and groom a short-haired dog than a long-haired one, but you still have to do it. Even a short-haired pooch should get a good scrub once every three months or so, but with that short coat, the bathing process shouldn’t take long.

How to Groom a Longhair Dog

Grooming your long haired dog is a very important task which maintains the dog’s coat health and cleanliness. Long haired dogs get dirty easily, mat and tangle, and may smell bad if not groomed properly. Everyone wants a beautiful long haired pup, right? And the dog wants a beautiful coat! This page will tell you […]

How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears

You know your dog loves a nice scratch behind his ears, but do you know that he also needs a good rubbing inside them? Regular cleanings are crucial for keeping your pet healthy. Ears can accumulate dirt and wax buildup, creating ideal conditions for the growth of bacteria, which may lead to a nasty ear […]

How to Clean Dog’s Ears

Make sure your veterinarian is involved, and please, know what you are treating, I know it’s tempting to go get over the counter ear mite medication at the local pet store….but in the long run…these things usually don’t work (unless you know for SURE he/she has mites) and they just delay correct treatment and prolong […]

How to transition Dog to a vegetarian or vegan diet

Let’s look at cats first of all. The main reason why cats cannot eat a vegetarian diet, is because an essential part of the healthy cat’s diet is taurine, a nutrient which is found in sufficient quantities to fulfil their needs only in meat. A couple of pet food companies claim to provide a complete […]