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How to Make a Dog Bed

Personalized dog beds don’t have to come from an expensive retailer to look great in your home and please your pooch. Try one of the simple methods below to create a decorative dog bed that’ll keep your pup comfortable at night without breaking the bank.

How to Make a Dog Sweater

Dogs of all sorts get cold in the winter, from tiny chihuahuas to larger greyhounds. Even dogs with thick coats could use a good sweater if they are outside for prolonged periods of time in cold weather. There are many methods available for making canine apparel, some of which are easier than others. You can […]

How to make a Dog Bandana

Many animal lovers think of and treat their pets as members of their families. That includes dressing them up in different outfits, or at the very least, a cute bandanna. This neckwear is often seen on dogs, but just wrapping a bandanna around your dog’s neck and tying a knot can be dangerous. Another option […]

Dog Bed/Trundle

A trundle bed is one that will slide underneath another bed in your home. Trundle beds are great for guests and make a perfect addition to a child’s room, providing a great spot for friends to sleep over. Because the trundle slides under another bed, there is no reason why the trundle needs to be […]

How to Make a Dog Sweater

This is a great beginner project and also a fun way to repurpose any old fleece garments or blankets you may find at thrift stores. Save some money and make a dog sweater yourself. These can be really expensive at boutique shops.

Doggy Pillow/Bed DIY Project

Pillow dog beds provide your dog the support it needs for its joints and muscles. Built for comfort, dog cushions are not only soft but they are also durable enough to withstand dogs of all shapes and sizes. Pillow beds for dogs are super comfortable, versatile, great looking, and easy to maintain.

Upcycle an Old Sweater into a Dog Bed

Log some serious snuggle time even when you’re not there. With this easy DIY upcycing project, you dog will feel like you’re hugging them all night long. Here’s how to upcycle an old sweater and some pillows into a cute dog bed. This super simple project requires a large eye wool needle, some yarn for […]

Dog Bed Ideas

sprawl out anywhere. If confining your dog to a crate is no longer necessary during the night, provide him a comfortable bed of his own to effectively keep him safely out of your darkened path. A DIY dog bed from recycled pillows keeps useable things out of the landfill; you can tailor one to match […]

How to Make Dog toys

With concerns about lead in imported dog toys and the rising cost of living, making your own dog toys is a sensible idea. Your dog doesn’t care if you bought her a designer dog toy or made her one. With a little creativity (and duct tape) you can make safe homemade toys for your dog […]

Weighted Vests for Dogs

Do you take your dog for a walk, or does your dog take you for a drag? If you have a hard time keeping up with your dog on a walk, the extra weight will help calm them down. While you are out walking with your dog, the extra weight will also help them build […]