Add Vintage Style to Your Home

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Home Design Interior Add Vintage Style to Your Home
Published on March 11, 2015

What’s the latest trend for house and home? It’s back to the past. Everywhere you look today it’s yesteryear. In cars, it’s the Plymouth Cruiser and Prowler. The Beetle is back and so is the classic Thunderbird. The same goes for home-design trends.

Mid century modern style is a growing trend, but most people don’t want to live in a home that looks like a time capsule. Vendors and decorators alike tend to use retro and vintage interchangeably for any furniture or accessory manufactured within the 19th century, yet each word evokes images of different distinctive styles.

For those of you who want to design a house with vintage style, please watch this video, a lot of useful ideas and tips can you can in this video. Cheers…

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